Coordinator on the day

You may think, running a wedding is not that complicated, just find the vendors, make the rundown and voila the wedding will run smoothly. But on the wedding day, there are a lot of things beyond your imagination is not easy to be handled, and you finally think to hire a team to help you to run the wedding on the day. You may want to choose the coordinator on the day only.


On The Day Only Coordinator Fee

Have you planned the wedding on your own but don't want to be running on your own wedding? Hire a wedding coordinator (event manager) to manage, organize, and coordinate your wedding day. Pricing:

  • USD 350 for an event manager on the day only
  • USD 70 for a crew on the day 



3 meetings with event manager before the wedding date inclusive. You are responsible for planning, making rundown, RSVP for your guests, etc. We're only to execute your orders and information on the day. Crews are for a maximum of 8 hours with HT inclusive. Additional crew is at USD 70 per crew. Overtime charge is at USD 7 per hour per crew. Total crew needed depends on the wedding size, the events and the wedding items.