Fairytale Wedding

The Edge Bali

21st July 2018


We are so happy we were able to work with Febe in the year leading up to our wedding. Febe was friendly and professional - someone we could rely on from day one.

We wanted a wedding that was informal and tailored to our personalities. Out of everyone we talked to, Febe was the most flexible and perfectly understood

what we were looking for. Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of working with us is that we had an idea for the feeling of the wedding, but did not have specific ideas about the details. Febe was able to outline what our options were, and often told us directly which would be the best option for our wedding. Nearly all of the time she guessed our preferences perfectly.

I was expecting to be busy and stressed on the day of the wedding, but Febe and her team had everything handled. We both completely relaxed for the whole day and had an amazing time.

Thank you again to the whole team.


Dom & Dewi